Technical Specifications.


Total LED surface
Floor space
Net studio
Studio clearance
Pixel Pitch
Bit depth video feed

478 sqm
20.32 x 14.32 m
214 sqm
5.77 m
2.6 mm
10 bit


Total dimensions
Optional Gate

220 sqm
40.00 x 5.50 m
15,360 x 2,112 px
82.5 sqm


Total dimensions

258 sqm
22.5 x 16 m
8,640 x 6,144 px


• Native Unreal 4.25 workflows for Virtual Production
• Rendered on 10x QUADRO RTX 6000
• Broadcast Augmented Reality (AR)
• Broadcast grade camera tracking
• Live and collaborative scene editing


• Up to 23 load points in sky surface for additional lighting
• Full length of horizon can be added with light positions
• Approx. 650 sqm preparation area
• Optionally expandable by up to 7,500 sqm


• Up to 8 VIP rooms for board members or special guests close to the studio bowl
• Temporary offices with any kind of furniture and infrastructure
• Venue is shaded, also according to secret products like concept cars
• Enough space for client’s workshop and storage
• Secure prep rooms inside venue
• Catering service
• 100% green electric power supply
• Power supply for large charging infrastructure of electric vehicles
• Entire hall can be entered by truck
• Daylight independend
• Entrance gates 4,5m x 4,5m